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About Vandavanda


Enjoy gifting and wrapping yourself!


Vandavanda scarf design and print was born out of our passion to celebrate fascinating Thai stories
we love. Let us share with you what we fall for within the realm of our darling homeland --- a land
mostly beautiful, occasionally messy, but always loving and ever charming!

Richness and beauty of Thai culture come in various forms and styles; from renowned traditional
literature, to quirky urban and tranquil rural ways of life, to forgotten trivia items, and to other
captivating interests.

Vandavanda scarf also comes with a card telling story behind each design. This is for your pleasure
read and, of course, for your personal inspiration.

Vandavanda scarf is designed by various like-minded artists using different styles and techniques,
directed by Vandavanda. We aim to create a proper mixture of art and fashion; while making it fresh
and lively.

Our scarf is made from 100% pure silk, giving tender touch and shimmering appearance, with no
pilling effect and only fair abrasion through time. Irregularities add to its unique handwork may
occur in each piece of scarf. This should not be regarded as defects.

To keep your scarf in good condition, we suggest you to dry clean after using, and store in your
velvet-lining Vandavanda box.

We hope you love Vandavanda just like we do.



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